Body and Soul

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  • 1947 film starring John Garfield (he also starred as a boxer in They Made Me a Criminal (1939))
  • Plot: Charley Davis wins an amateur boxing championship and is taken on by manager Quinn. Charley's mother doesn't want him to fight, but when Charley's father is accidentally killed by the bombing of a next-door speak-easy, Charley sets up a fight for money. His career blooms as he wins fight after fight, but soon an unethical promoter named Roberts begins to show an interest in Charley, and Charley finds himself faced with increasingly difficult choices.
  • Appearance by boxer Canada Lee.
  • A number of real professional fighters had uncredited roles in this film: Ceferino Garcia, Glen Lee, Herman Weiner, Artie Dorrell, Joe Gray, Johnny Indrisano and Frank Riggi.
  • Trivia: In this film, Cinematographer James Wong Howe (who had come to America from China at age five, with dreams of becoming a professional boxer) shot a boxing match on roller-skates with a small handheld camera, drawing the viewer into dynamic and intimate involvement with the action.
  • This movie has been remade twice since with Leon Isaac Washington and Ray Mancini in the roles of Charley Davis.
  • Body and Soul was based on the real-life champion Barney Ross.
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