Boxing Illustrated: May 1973

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Cover: Muhammad Ali
Inset: George Foreman, Joe Frazier


Articles include: A Loser Can't Be Good (Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Bugner), Oddities Plentiful in Heavyweight Fights Outside U.S.A., The Heavyweight Championship Sweepstakes, Meet the "King" (about Jose Roman), Jose Napoles Sill Numero Uno, Ray Lunny III - A Lightweight on the Rise, Jerry Quarry Back in Title Picture, A Visit to Muhammad Ali's Camp, Fans Say "Up the Weight Limits", Joe Frazier - The Fans Favorite at "Super Stars", Jack Tillman Wins Decision Over Billy Backus, The Tarnished Golden Boy... The Strange Case of Pat O'Connor, C Stands for Chuck Wepner and Courage..., and An Inside Look at the Forgotten Champion - Marvin Hart.

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