Bronx Coliseum

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Bronx, NY, USA

  • 1100 East 177th Street at Devoe Avenue (Bronx River Avenue), adjacent to the Starlight Amusement Park, the Bronx
  • Capacity 16,800 to 20,800
  • Commonly known as the New York Coliseum––but it is not to be confused with the venue of the same name built in 1954 at Columbus Circle, Manhattan
  • Inaugural show: April 12, 1929
  • Created by Jess McMahon, former matchmaker for Madison Square Garden
  • This building formerly was the Sesquincentennial Exposition Hall (also known as "Convention Hall") in Philadelphia, and was transported in sections to the Bronx in 1928. Its original capacity was to have been 32,000. (April 7, 1929 New York Times)
  • It was demolished in 1997.