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Class of 2003
Observer Category
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Born: March 27, 1914 in New York, NY, USA, died August 5,2009.


Schulberg is best known for his work as a writer, of novels, short storys, plays, and screenplays. Schulberg's interest in boxing began when he was taken to watch Benny Leonard box at Madison Square Garden when he was six years old.

Schulberg's best known boxing-related writing, were his two novels The Harder They Fall and On The Waterfront, which were both adapted into motion pictures. On The Waterfront, won 8 Academy Awards, including best picture, and for Schulberg best screenplay.

Schulberg has also authored, Sparring with Hemingway and Loser And Still Champion: Muhammad Ali. He has also covered boxing for numerous publications, and was the first boxing editor for Sports Illustrated.

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