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History of Canadian Boxing Legislation, Rules & Regulations


(Enter material chronologically)

  • 1915-March: Montreal City Council legalizes boxing.
  • 1922-04-07: The newly-appointed Montreal Athletic Commission, Quebec, conducts its very first meeting, and adopts regulations--modeled after New York's Walker Law--governing amateur and professional boxing and wrestling in the city.
  • 1928: The Canadian Boxing Federation requires a boxer to be a Canadian citizen and have resided in the country at least six months prior to any Canadian title bout. (This rule may have been in effect long before 1928.) Oct. 24 Toronto Globe
  • 1933: Vancouver, British Columbia, hasn't had much professional boxing in the past two years. Sept. 22 Daily News Searchlight (Bremerton, WA, USA)
  • 1948-04-24: Chairman Frank Hogan announces that the Canadian Boxing Federation will force boxers fighting under its jurisdiction to carry "foolproof" identification cards (consisting of name, photo, and fingerprints) to "meet current complaints of amateurs fighting under false names on professional cards."