Carlos Molina vs. Kermit Cintron

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2011-07-09 : Kermit Cintron 149¼ lbs lost to Carlos Molina 151¾ lbs by UD in round 10 of 10


Bout Summary

The opening round saw both fighters looking to establish the jab. Cintron's gloved touched the mat in the final minute from a trip. Action picked up in Round 2 with Molina coming in and looking to land the big shot. Cintron maintained distance, worked behind the jab and looked to catch Molina coming in. Molina became the clear aggressor in Rounds 3 and 4 working well to the body and just outworked Cintron who seemed tentative. Round 5 was a big round for Molina. At the 1:10 mark, he landed a nice right hand and in the final minute of the round, a combination hurt Cintron and sent him back into the ropes. Molina came forward with a flurry and snapped back Cintron's head with a big uppercut. By the end of the round, Cintron was bleeding from the nose. In the 6th, Molina landed well early and continued to find a home for the right hand as Cintron kept his left glove low. Cintron found a home for a few counter shots in the final minute of the round. A slower paced Round 7, saw Molina continuing to land the right hand intermittently. Cintron used the jab as a range finder, but struggled, as he had much of the fight, to land the right hand against Molina's movement. In the 8th, Cintron appeared to tire as Molina kept the pressure on. A combination near the end of the round capped with a right hook to the body appeared to hurt Cintron. Molina poured it on in the 9th as Cintron had visibly faded. Molina threw combinations with his best shot being another right hand to the body. Cintron showed some life in the final round knowing that it would take a knockout to win. Molina fought the round as he had the prior, coming forward, applying pressure and throwing combinations.