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Matt, Please let me know what the difference between this discussion and mine on combat veterans, why is mine redundant. Regards Bert

This kind of explains the unusual circumstances at the 1908 Olympic without saying more than is necessary. I suppose I could create an article on this, but all that is being done on these Olympic pages, is giving Gold Medalists, and explaining boycotts. What are you trying to write? An article about guys who actually served, what they did, etc. What is your intent? This is what is causing me a headache, trying to figure out what you are trying to do.--Matt Tegen 16:33, 25 July 2006 (CDT)

Ok, what I’m trying to do is create a page on boxers who served in combat not boxers who served in the military that were not in combat, with no disrespect or lack of praise for the boxers who weren’t. It seems to me it would be more interesting reading about boxers who were combat veterans than ones who weren’t and they should take precedence. Joe Smith served on a tug boat in Seattle ? Who cares, that’s the waste of time. I don’t agree that only a few people would be interested, turn on your TV. I would say one who was reading an article about a boxer who was combat veteran would link over to another fighter who served in combat than one who didn’t (Without sorting out the ones who weren’t). The war veteran status was created to give military benefits not recognition of combat service (do you understand the difference ?). Isn’t this site about pugilism ? As far as accountability is concerned you can be sure (US) military records are accurate, not like what you read in the press a lot of times . What I do is try to get a feeling for how things were, not rubber stamp newspaper micro-film, which a lot of is inaccurate. I’ve always felt the best sources are from older people who lived through an era. Boxing in the thirties and forties is what I like to like, if you grew up in an era when military service wasn’t mandatory you may not understand, if you did God bless you. Being a combat veteran was huge in this era. If you don’t understand this lets just drop it . Bizarre, no. Frustrated, yes and outranked. Bert