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The text to this category reads: "Fighters who fought in the 2000 Olympics." I suggest it be changed to something more along the lines of: "Boxers who participated in the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games." This gets rid of the "fighters who fought," and replaces it with something less ....I dunno what; and lets the visitor know where the Games were held that year.

Also there are going to be guys who were Olympians, but didn't fight (1980 US Team, David Jackson 2000 US Team).

--Matt Tegen 21:12, 28 Jun 2005 (CDT)

I keep forgetting to abide by my own suggestion to others: that they include their "signature" when entering text in these "Talk" pages. :D Ric 21:57, 28 Jun 2005 (CDT)

Matt, I'd say Jackson is technically a 2000 Olympian because he did make the trip to Sydney and only lost because he didn't make weight. The 1980 team ... well ... yeah, I don't know what to do about that. --Grey