Celestino Caballero vs. Daud Cino Yordan

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2010-04-10 : Celestino Caballero 125¾ lbs beat Daud Yordan 125½ lbs by UD in round 12 of 12


  • Caballero dominated the fight from start to finish with a blistering body attack, frequently hurting Yordan and knocking him down in Round 2. Yordan occasionally landed hard counters, but threw significantly fewer punches.
  • HBO commentator Larry Merchant strongly criticized the decision to let the fight continue, describing it as a "slaughter."
  • Yordan confessed he still suffered from jetlag, as he's just arrived to the US only 3 days prior to the fight, and having insomnia before the fight related to the jetlag. The delayed arrival was caused by the delayed issuance of the US visa for Yordan.