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Chango Carmona vs. Rodolfo Gonzalez

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1972-11-10 : Rodolfo Gonzalez 134 lbs beat Chango Carmona 132½ lbs by RTD in round 12 of 15

WBC lightweight title

Rodolfo Gonzalez pounds Chango Carmona to win title:
"Rodolfo Gonzalez, a 3-1 underdog from Long Beach, Calif. hammered Chango Carmona of Mexico relentlessly last night and captured the WBC lightweight championship when his beaten foe was unable to answer the bell for the 13th round. Gonzalez took the offensive immediately with both left and right uppercuts early in the fight and a left to the head shook Carmona early in the 2nd round. Gonzalez consistently beat Carmona to the punch and slammed home left and right combinations repeatedly throughout the battle. There were no knockdowns, but the 28 year old Carmona bled from the mouth from the 2nd round on, and his face was battered and puffy midway in the fight and there were cuts near his eyes by the 12th. The fight proved so one-sided for the new champ that the cards of judges George Latka and Larry Rozadilla read 12-0 and 10-0 respectively. Referee John Thomas scored it 10-1, the same as the AP." - Associated Press

  • Chango Carmona's official challenger and #1 contender, Pedro Carrasco of Spain, turned down the Olympic Boxing Club's $15,000 guarantee and the offer then went to Rodolfo Gonzalez who earned $10,000 for the title challenge while Carmona earned $30,000.
  • Unofficial UPI scorecard (through 12 completed rounds) 12-0 Gonzalez
  • Attendance: 12,018
  • Gate: $132,650.00
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