Charley Miller

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Name: Charley Miller
Alias: Fighting Motorman
Born: 1885-00-00
Birthplace: Voda, Romania
Hometown: San Francisco, California, USA
Boxing Record: click

Manager: Louis Parente

Charley Miller was a "giant" San Francisco motorman who also was a heavyweight "white hope" boxer, sometimes reaching 260 pounds. [1]

On June 22, 1912 Miller married Nannie Cecilia Youngstrom in San Francisco. [2]

In July 1913 his American citizenship was being questioned by federal authorities. He had been born in Romania in 1885, and came to the United States in March 1903. [3]

By 1921, Miller--already retired from the ring--was working as a masseur at Agua Springs in Sonoma County. He was described in The Evening News (August 20, 1921) as having been six feet tall stripped and weighing 230 pounds at his best.