Chris Eubank vs. Michael Watson (2nd meeting)

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1991-09-21 : Chris Eubank 167 lbs beat Michael Watson 166 lbs by TKO at 0:29 in round 12 of 12


- Behind on all scorecards, Eubank mounted a comeback in Round 10 to protect his unbeaten record. Putting Watson under severe pressure for the first time in the fight, he simply could not take advantage though. Watson, after soaking up a desperate attack, had Eubank on the canvas with a short right near the end of round 11, mainly down to Eubank's exhaustion. The referee did not give a mandatory count, so as Eubank rose from the canvas and the boxers fought on, Eubank threw an uppercut which sent Watson crashing backwards into the ropes for a knockdown. The bell rang as Watson rose, looking to be in no state to continue, as he was ushered back to his corner.
- The 60 second break told different stories for both fighters as Eubank was then set to try for a KO as he couldn't win on points. Watson on the other hand, just had to survive the round to win, but he appeared concussed, and in no condition to be sent out to fight. He was sent out to fight, and after taking a barrage of punches from Eubank, the fight was stopped early in Round 12.
- Unfortunately, Watson collapsed in the ring and was rushed to hospital, where his life was saved by emergency brain surgery. For many years he was paralysed, but recently has improved so that he can now walk and talk, albeit affected by the tragedy.