Chris John vs. Derrick Gainer

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Photo: (c) Jeff Pamungkas

2005-04-22 : Chris John 126 lbs beat Derrick Gainer 125¾ lbs by UD in round 12 of 12


- Gainer attempted 3 times to make weight in the official weigh-in. He weighed at 58.7 kgs. (129.4 lbs) on the first attempt and 57.7 (127.2 lbs) on the second attempt. Fortunately, Gainer was able to make weight at 57.0 (125.7 lbs) at his third attempt, 2 hours after the first try. Chris John weighed at 57.1 kg. (126 lbs.) at the first attempt. - John down in round one
- The first mandatory title fight for Chris John.