Chuck Haines

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Chuck Haines was the boxing promoter in Bremerton, Washington, during World War II. In 1947, he became the matchmaker in Spokane for the Gross family's promotional company, the Victory Boxing Club. After the Gross family left the promotional field in Spokane in late 1947, Haines would continue on in the same role, with their successor Jack Powers briefly in 1948.

By mid-1948, he was managing Powers' top local draw Joey Velez. Haines also handled Powers' interests when he was unable to travel with them out of town, going with Tiger Jack Fox to Anchorage in 1948, for example. In March 1949, he sold Joey Velez' managerial interest for $5,000, as well his other fighter Al (Pinky) Cowan. He then partnered up with Jack Powers, as a co-promoter of boxing in Spokane, putting on his first show with Powers on April 29, 1949.