Cleve Hawkins

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Cleve Hawkins

Name: Cleve Hawkins
Birth Name: Cleveland Hawkins
Born: 1884-12-25
Birthplace: Kentucky, USA
Died: 1937-00-00 (Age:52)
Hometown: North Adams, Massachusetts, USA
Boxing Record: click

Cleve Hawkins (sometimes spelled Harkins) was an African-American boxer of the early 20th century.

There is a Cleve (or Clive) Hawkins in the 1920 census in Berkshire, Mass. He is black and an "athletic trainer." Hawkins had several fights in Massachusetts during that period and the job description seems to match him. The census reports that he was born in 1884 in Kentucky. If Hawkins was born in 1871, then he was between 35 and 53 for all the fights in the BoxRec database. If he is born in 1884, then he is between 22 and 40.

Other sources (which?) say he was born in Nigeria. However, it wouldn't be unheard of for a black man of that time to be billed as "Nigerian." In the 1920 census he says he's from Kentucky and so were his parents.

Hawkins's WWI Draft Card lists him as Cleveland Hawkins of North Adams, Berkshire, black, married to a Margaret (same as the Cleve Hawkins in the 1920 census), and born 25 December 1884. He is listed as a laborer. The draft card is from 12 September 1918; he fought Kid Norfolk in North Adams on 4 April 1918.

The North Adams Transcript story about the upcoming Hawkins-Jim McCreary fight of 22 May 1919 says that Cleve Hawkins is from North Adams. (Case in point about the Nigerian theory, the North Adams paper claimed that McCreary was "Liberian" and had come to America only 13 years before. However, he was from North Carolina.)

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