Clifford Etienne vs. Francois Botha

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2002-07-27 : Clifford Etienne 224 lbs drew with Frans Botha 233 lbs by MD in round 10 of 10


  • Etienne down in the fifth and sixth rounds.
  • Toward the end of round eight, Etienne catches Botha with a flush straight right hand that badly wobbles Botha. Etienne immediately rushes Botha in an attempt to register a stoppage win. Apparently not hearing the bell, Etienne continues punching Botha well after the round ends, landing a number of flush shots. Botha goes down head first into the ropes. The referee, stating that he did not hear the bell either, does not assess a foul on Etienne.
  • Both Etienne and Botha's promoters climb into the ring after round eight and start to argue. Botha's promoter is furious and attempts to reach commission officials to demand a DQ victory for Botha, to no avail.
  • After the fight, Jim Gray interviewed referee Elmo Adolph. Adolph stated he wasn't sure the punches came after the bell in round eight, to which Gray responded that Adolph was "way off" and that he'd made a huge mistake.
  • The crowd booed the decision.