Cory Spinks vs. Verno Phillips

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2008-03-27 : Cory Spinks 153 lbs lost to Verno Phillips 153 lbs by SD in round 12 of 12


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  • Spinks was a 7-1 betting favorite.
  • First ever live webcast of a boxing event on 400,000 total page views and 200,000 individual visitors logged on in 94 countries.

Bout Summary

In a highly competitive fight for all twelve rounds with many good exchanges at center ring, Spinks was clearly the busier of the two fighters, landing many crisp right jabs and occasional lefts. Phillips counterpunched well though, landing many power shots on the inside that kept this fight extremely close. Spinks was more aggressive over the first six rounds, with Phillips coming on after that. Phillips best moment came near the end of round seven, when he landed a left right right that backed up Spinks. The fight appeared even, and the crowd booed in the later rounds when it became a tight defensive war.