Daniel Maldonado vs. Jose Alberto Gonzalez

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2006-11-17 : Daniel Maldonado 126 lbs beat Jose Alberto Gonzalez 126 lbs by SD in round 12 of 12


  • Action paused in Round 2 by referee Jay Nady to instruct Gonzalez to avoid leaning in with his head. Gonzalez was later warned for a head butt in the round. He too was warned in Round 2 for a low blow.
  • Maldonado warned in Round 3 for a low blow.
  • Both fighters warned in Round 4 to avoid clashing of heads.
  • Maldonado down at 2:20 into Round 5 from a right uppercut.


  • This was Maldonado's first fight under trainer Joe Delguyd. (CSI Sports)