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Name: Danny Dillon
Alias: Dandy Danny
Birth Name: Moishe Josofsky
Born: 1903-07-14
Birthplace: Grigoriopol, Moldova
Died: 1968-02-28 (Age:64)
Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Height: 5′ 6″   /   168cm
Boxing Record: click

Managers: Benny Haskell (up thru 1921), Jack Bulger (Jan-May 1922), Billy McCarney (May-Aug 1922), Sol Goldstein (Sept 1922), Mike Gibbons & Mike Collins (Oct 1922-Sept 1923), Gig Rooney (Nov 1923 on)

Dandy Danny Dillon (born Moishe Josofsky) was the younger brother of fellow boxer Jack Josephs. The Josofsky family had moved to Minnesota in 1910 and 1911 to escape the Russian anti-Semitic pogroms, and adopted the "Joseph" surname. Moishe Josofsky became Danny Joseph.

After Danny followed his older brother Jack to Benny Haskell's boxing gym, and decided to turn pro by the end of 1919 at age 16, Haskell remarked that his build and style reminded him of Jack Dillon. Thus Danny Joseph became pro boxer 'Dandy' Danny Dillon. Although then an American boxer, the 17-year-old Russian-Jewish immigrant Dillon became the Canadian Flyweight Champion when he defeated Percy Buzza in his 13th professional bout. (Such an anomaly of an American defeating a Canadian for the Canadian title was not that uncommon in those days.)

When his own boxing career ended, Dillon (actually Danny Joseph) served for several years as a sparring partner for Gig Rooney, then became a co-manager with Rooney of a stable of fighters, including Silent Joe Hill. Joseph continued to live in Southern California, and ran a beer garden in Los Angeles. In the late 1930s, Joseph moved to San Francisco, after the trauma of the Dec. 12, 1938 suicide of his brother Jack Josephs. There, in the early 1940s, Joseph opened a restaurant and cocktail lounge with friend and fellow former boxer Harry Pelsinger--the Club Continental at 127 Ellis Street, which eventually closed in early 1954. Joseph joined the Merchant Marines in World War II for a short period of time.

Danny Joseph had been married to Fay, then Helen, and finally, in August 1943, Adelyne. They had two sons: Jack and Danny. Adelyne had a son, Eddie, from a previous marriage. The family moved to Los Angeles after the club closed in 1954. Joseph then worked in the Gardena casinos as a greeter, but was driving a taxi cab by 1957. Joseph and his wife divorced in 1959. He briefly remarried in early 1963, but was divorced by 1964.

By 1966 Joseph was suffering the effects of dementia and could no longer legally manage his own affairs. His sister Edith became his guardian until his paranoia led him to accuse her of stealing. She relinquished her guardianship to a public guardian. Joseph died of a massive heart attack Feb. 28, 1968, in his apartment at 236 Sycamore, Los Angeles--just down the street from where his brother Jack had died. Dandy Danny Dillon/Danny Joseph was 64.