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Name: Danny Edwards
Birth Name: Earle Edward Daniels
Born: 1898-07-01
Birthplace: Oakland, California, USA
Died: 1959-05-17 (Age:60)
Hometown: Oakland, California, USA
Height: 5′ 1½″   /   156cm
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Danny Edwards, born in July 1898 (exact date unknown), was a short 5' 1" African-American boxer who boxed in the Flyweight to Featherweight range. Edwards was originally from Oakland, but came under the management in 1916 of George Moore, an African-American businessman from Portland. Edwards was very active in the California 4-round game, as well as fighting often in the Pacific Northwest clubs.

Edwards reached his peak in late 1921, when he twice defeated Featherweight Babe Herman, the second time at Moore's Milwaukie Arena. In 1922, Moore would give up promoting at Milwaukie and would take Edwards east. Edwards had little success on the East Coast, even though he fought most of the top Bantamweights in the Northeast. On September 26, 1922, he would fight in the first mixed bout in New York City, under the New York State Athletic Commission, in a decision loss to (Irish) Johnny Curtin.

Edwards returned to the Northwest in 1924, but he was clearly washed up by this point. After he was stopped by Benny Pelz in 1926, his license was retired by the Portland Boxing Commission. It is believed that he worked with George Moore's stable of African-American fighter, along with Denver Ed Martin, for awhile after his retirement.

Edwards had at least eight fights with Portland Bantamweight Billy Mascott, losing five, and drawing three.

It was reported in the August 20, 1940 Chicago Defender that he was working with Filipino boxer Rush Dalma.

A biography of Edwards appears in The Sundowners: A History of the Black Prizefighter: Volume 2, Part 1 by Kevin Smith