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David Lemieux vs. Walid Smichet

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2010-04-03 : David Lemieux 164 lbs beat Walid Smichet 163¾ lbs by KO at 0:57 in round 2 of 10

  • Canadian Super Middleweight Title (1st defense of Lemieux)
  • Time: 0:57
  • Promoter: GYM


  • Contract weight for the fight was 165 lbs.
  • Lemieux sends Smichet heavily to the canvas during the first minute of round 2 with an overhand right. While Smichet beats the count, he is in no condition to continue and the referee calls a halt to the bout.
  • With this win, Lemieux becomes the first fighter to successfully defend the Canadian Super Middleweight title since Ron Savoie in 1995.
  • Shortly after this fight, Smichet announced his retirement in an open letter posted on La Zone de Boxe.

Preceded by:
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Canadian Super Middleweight Title Fight
# 13
Succeeded by:
Trupish vs. Sharpe

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