Delvin Rodriguez vs. Oscar Diaz

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2008-07-16 : Delvin Rodriguez 147 lbs beat Oscar Diaz 147 lbs by KO at 0:10 in round 11 of 12


  • Diaz was cut over the right eye and had a very large angry puff under it.
  • Between the tenth and eleventh round, the referee talked to Diaz in the corner asking how many fingers he could see. Diaz rose to his feet and let out an agonizing scream, turning face first towards the ropes as his legs shook and then seemed to go out from under him. He squatted down in his corner, holding his gloves to his temples before being laid flat on the mat, rapidly attended to by EMTs, provided oxygen, and stretchered out of the ring to San Antonio University Medical Center for surgery to reduce swelling of the brain due to a subdural hematoma.

In the ring, Delvin Rodriguez took the microphone and addressed those in attendance. "I am praying for Oscar and his family and will continue to pray for him throughout the night. I ask everyone else to pray for him." Rodriguez called Diaz "The toughest opponent I ever fought."

Diaz remained in critical condition in a coma for two months. "Our thoughts and prayers go out to Oscar, his family, and all of Oscar's fans and friends in San Antonio," voiced Joe DeGuardia, CEO of Star Boxing. On September 17, 2008, Diaz opened his eyes and 'woke up'. Off a ventilator and breathing on his own, Oscar's condition was upgraded to stable and his long term prognosis for survival is now considered good.

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