Demestrius Andrade vs. Angel Hernandez

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2012-02-10 : Demetrius Andrade 153¾ lbs beat Angel Hernandez 152¾ lbs by TKO at 1:39 in round 2 of 10


  • Light middleweight Angel Hernandez took this bout on 2 days notice, when two previously-scheduled opponents, Derek Ennis and Terrance Cauthen, bowed out.
  • Billed for the IBA Americas Light Middleweight title, not stated on BoxRec records.
  • Although there were questions about the medical state of Hernandez, who entered this bout with three consecutive losses in title bouts, all medicals revealed Hernandez to be in a perfect state of health so the main event bout was green-lit.
  • Strategy of the Hernandez corner was to immediately take the bout to the inside and neutralize Andrade's substantial height and reach advantage, which was accomplished.
  • First round appeared to be even, with some wrestling and clinches during focused inside fighting. Numerically, Andrade landed 24 punches (38%) and Hernandez landed 11 punches (24%) by CompuStats. Though unclear from fight footage, Hernandez appeared to accidentally fall and badly hit his head during the round. Hernandez immediately got back up and finished the round without incident, so referee Steve Smoger did not have reason to halt the action. However, the head fall appeared to do damage as Hernandez did not look fully responsive on return to his corner at the end of the first round, though he eventually did start to talk and was sent out for round 2. The fall might account for the later result.
  • Hernandez, who had gone the distance with the likes of Ronald Wright and Osumanu Adama in more technical title bouts, had trouble with Andrade after executing his plan. It appeared Hernandez had sparred with partners who make it difficult to get to the inside, and after getting to the inside easily Andrade and putting Andrade in a maze, Hernandez was not throwing punches. After the first round, his corner told him he would have to throw punches on the inside but there appeared to be a disconnection between the instructions given by the Hernandez corner and the fighter's brain, who appeared unable to process the information provided.
  • Andrade's corner responded after the first round perfectly, telling Andrade if Hernandez was going to the inside and not throwing punches, then Andrade needed to do what Hernandez was not: throw punches on the inside and get Hernandez out of there.
  • The credited first knockdown of Hernandez in the second round as recognized by referee Steve Smoger appeared to be a slip due to sloppy footwork though Hernandez had been hit several times in the exchange of blows preceding his fall.
  • Lefts to body and lefts to head sent Hernandez down and out, prompting an immediate knockout call and end to the lopsided bout by referee Steve Smoger at 1:39. Perfect call by Smoger.
  • After this bout, Andrade called out light middleweights Saul Alvarez, James Kirkland, Erislandy Lara, and middleweight champion Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. Ringside commentary was provided by 154 pound fighter Delvin Rodriguez.
  • Before the bout, Boxing 360 CEO Dr. Mario Yagubi, Hernandez promoter, released a public statement expressing concern for the safety of Angel Hernandez, feeling Hernandez had incurred too much damage in his recent ring war losses and did not want Hernandez to fight again, disassociating himself from the bout and stated he would refuse any commission, and that promoter Joe DeGuardia should know better than to let the bout take place. According to the Hernandez camp, Dr. Yagubi was notified after Hernandez was reinstated from suspension and relicensed by the Illinois Athletic Commission but did not respond repeated attempts to make contact. Boxing 360 remains obligated to offer Hernandez several fights a year under the terms of his contract which runs through February 15, 2013.
  • Hernandez's management, Chicago Fight Club Promotion LLC, had been in litigation and arbitration with Boxing 360 but did officially release Hernandez from his management contract several weeks before this bout. Hernandez and David Estrada, both promoted by Boxing 360, had fought in Chicago (Hernandez against Osumany Adama and Joey Hernandez, Estrada against Franklin Gonzalez) without approval from Boxing 360. Andrade versus Hernandez, by Dr. Yagobi's own admission, was yet another example of Angel Hernandez and Estrada, the fighters who were the subject of litigation, fighting without promoter's authorization and the promoter not getting paid one way or another.


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