Dencio Cabanela

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Name: Dencio Cabanela
Alias: Olongapo Kid
Birth Name: Gaudencio Cabanela
Born: 1900-08-30
Birthplace: San Fernando City, Pampanga, Philippines
Died: 1921-07-03 (Age:20)
Hometown: Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines
Boxing Record: click

Managers: Paquito Reyes, Eddie Tait, Frank Churchill

The Sydney Daily Telegraph, in reporting the death of Dencio Cabanela following the McCarthy fight, wrote: "the deceased was the idol of the Filipino nation and without doubt a boxer of very exceptional merit. Some years ago in Manila, as Young Jamito, he was the pupil of Silvino Jamito, the Filipino featherweight. When he had beaten all-comers at about his then weight (118 lbs) Young Jamito was matched with his teacher, and as "young" versus "old" Jamito would not have looked good on the posters, Dencio on that occasion fought under his own name for the first time. He defeated Jamito. Later, white men and colored he took on and defeated whatever boxer appeared in Manila up to within a stone (14 lbs) of his weight.... Three or four months ago Dencio came to Australia. He complained continually of headaches and could not be got to train assiduously. Nevertheless he made a wonderful showing against the great French bantam Eugene Criqui. When winning more than comfortably, about half-way through the contest, he suddenly collapsed in the ring, although no blows had been exchanged for some moments. He was unconscious for a time, but recovered and seemed in normal health. A second contest with Sid Godfrey ended in precisely the same fashion and now has come the fateful third and last...As showing what an idol Dencio was in his native land where boxing is a very popular sport, it is related that his name was inserted in over 80% of the answers written by Filipino pupils in the public schools who were asked to name "the man who has done most to advance civilization in the Philippine Islands."

As a boxer he was considered by critics in Australia to be one of the world's best bantamweights. He was the most remarkable hitter in the division ever seen in this country." Prophectically, the following commentary was written in the same newspaper following his KO win over Joe Symonds: "Dencio has wonderful strength and capacity to take punishment, backed by cleverness, speed and the ability to punch". However this led him to, it continued, "the foolish policy that he adopts, that is to take all the punishment that is being given to him and wait for a chance to finish it."

One of three Filipino boxers managed by Frank Churchill to die of ring-related injuries (with Clever Sencio and Pancho Villa, although the latter's death was considered murder by his widow): [1]

Described by long-time matchmaker and promoter Joe Waterman as the "most naturally gifted fighter he ever saw.

* Father of Dencio Cabanela Jr.