Dennis Andries vs. Jeff Harding (1st meeting)

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1989-06-24 : Dennis Andries 175 lbs lost to Jeff Harding 174½ lbs by TKO at 1:23 in round 12 of 12

  • Aired On: ABC's Wide World of Sports & Skyy
  • World Boxing Council Light Heavyweight Title (1st defense by Andres in 2nd reign)


  • Dennis Andries 34-7-2 (21 KOs) vs. Jeff Harding 14-0 (11 KOs)
  • Harding, who was eleven years younger than Andries, was a late substitution for Donny Lalonde.
  • Among those in attendance was the then-Heavyweight Champion of the World Mike Tyson, World Champion Jeff Fenech and MLB Hall of Famers Joe DiMaggio, Ted Williams and Maury Wills.
  • At the time of the stoppage, Andries was ahead on all three judges' cards.
  • It was Harding's first bout to go beyond ten rounds.
  • With the win, Harding became the first Australian light heavyweight to win a world title.

Bout Summary

A big underdog, Harding took everything Andries could dish out in the early going including numerous power shots to the head, but continued to work and come forward. In the opening round, Andries opened a cut in the corner of Harding's left eye and by the 3rd, Harding was bleeding from the nose. By the 5th Round, the bleeding had stopped from Harding's eye but there remained significant swelling. In Round 5, a contentious knockdown was ruled as Harding went to the mat from a grazing punch that could have been ruled a push. It was the first time Harding had been down as a professional. Harding began to come on in the second half of the fight landing thudding shots to the body. Harding was warned in Round 6 for pushing Andries with a forearm and had begun to bleed from the mouth by the end of the round. Andries received a warning in Round 7 to avoid leading with his head. Also in the 7th, the cut reopened to Harding's left eye and was a bit more broad than before. The 11th Round, one for the ages, saw Harding begin to bleed much more heavily from the nose as Andries landed the power shots early. Harding, however, poured it on in the second half hurting the champion and forcing him back into the ropes. The first punch from Jeff Harding in Round 12, sent a stiff-legged Andries stumbling back into the corner. To his credit, he was able to gather himself and fire back, but a right hand seconds later sent Andries to the mat for the first time in the bout. He was up at the count of four and was allowed to continue as Harding, who was across the ring, stood with blood covering his face from a new and large cut above his right eye. A follow-up barrage sent Andries crashing with arms outstretched into the top turnbuckle and down again. He was up at by the count of seven and again continued. With this, Harding came in and threw rapidly to both the body and head causing Andries to fall back into the ropes and cover up. At that, Joe Cortez stepped in and waved an end to the bout. Despite being covered in blood due to bad cuts around his right eye, and despite having taken some wicked shots from the champion, Jeff gutted it out and scored a TKO win over the rapidly tiring Andries in the twelfth. [1] [2]


Boxing News June 30th, 1989
  • "I think he's (Andries) just slightly ahead, but what amazes me with Harding, being that much taller, is that he's coming in very close to Andries and throwing some tremendous body shots. For the public watching it they don't look like they are devastating punches but they're hurting him and for a man of that age it must be weakening." - Alan Minter commentating following the 6th Round.
  • "We didn't know what this fight would turn out to be because Harding was so unknown... but Harding has been as good or better than we ever could have dreamed." Alex Wallau
  • "This is as much action as you will ever see with two guys of this size." - Alex Wallau
  • "These are two of the most finely conditioned fighters I have ever seen." - Announcer and NFL Hall of Fame Member Dan Dierdorf following the 11th Round