Dennis Haugh

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Bold textName: Dennis Haugh
Birthplace: Tipperary, Ireland
Hometown: United Kingdom
Boxing Record: click

In 1914, Dennis Haugh, who was born in Tipperary , Ireland defeated Dick Smith for the British lightheavy-weight title at the National Sporting Club, London, United Kingdom. .. his HEIGHT  : 5-10..WEIGHT  : 175 lbs ...he fought in 1912 Feb 17 "Sergeant" Pat McEnroy London, Eng (Premierland)

Dennis Haugh ..although born in Ireland he fought out of st. Johns wood in London Haugh had seven fights in London and four in France , not recorded on this record

1909 Mar 29 Jim Newman London, Eng (NSC) TK in 1909 Nov 27 "Private" L. Casling Aldershot, Eng L 6 1 in 1911Feb 11 Gustave Marthuin Paris, Fr L 10 ,,,,, in 1911 May 7 Blink McCloskey Paris, FrMay 7

1913 May 12 Con O'Kelly Newcastle, Eng LK 3 Jun 9 Sid Ellis London, Eng (NSC) KO 1for Light Heavyweight Championship of Britain 1915 he fought Oct 15 Bill Curzon London, Eng (NSC) L 10

The above  information by Tracy Callis