Dexter Park Arena

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Queens, NY, USA

  • North side of Jamaica Avenue, between Elderts Lane (since renamed Dexter Court) & 76th Street, Woodhaven, Queens
  • Capacity: 15,000-plus
  • Boxing matches staged at Dexter from May 28, 1925 (Frankie Genaro W 10 Harold Smith) through at least 1950.

Dexter Park was named after the famous racehorse, Dexter, who was buried at the site. (Indeed, right field was known as "horse heaven.") The black Brooklyn Royal Giants leased the park in 1905. The principal team for many years, though, was the Bushwicks, a semipro white team that later gave Jackie Robinson a roster spot prior to his breaking in to the major leagues. Many major leaguers played at the Park in exhibition games, including Lou Gehrig (1927) and Babe Ruth in October 1935. The park was one of the first to hold night baseball games and the first to have permanent lighting installed..

Dexter Park was an outdoor multi-purpose stadium which was also used for football. Most of the football that was played there was of the semi-pro variety, though NFL teams did play exhibition games at the stadium.

A few teams in baseball's Negro Leagues made their home at Dexter Park, including:

  • 1923-27 Brooklyn Royal Giants of the Eastern Colored League
  • 1929 Cuban Stars of the Eastern Colored League

Converted to an autombile racetrack in the 1950s. The last baseball game was played in Sep. 1955, after which the park was sold. It was torn down in 1956 and the site is now a parking lot for a supermarket.