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Name: Dick Ellis
Birth Name: Randle Ellis Graham
Born: 1918-04-13
Birthplace: Waratah, Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia
Died: 2009-09-14 (Age:91)
Hometown: Waratah, Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia
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Family Provided Bio

Dick Ellis was born Randle Ellis Graham, 13/4/1918 and died 14/9/2009 at the age of 91 years, he was born and died in the suburb of Waratah, Newcastle, New South Wales.

He had approximately 52 fights and won 47/48. He trained in the gymnasium of Tom McGuire along with many other champions, Dave, Ritchie, Clem, George and Alfie (Surname Ritchie) Sands, to name just a few. His name "Dick" was given to him by Tom McGuire.

During the bout with Bobby Fuller, Dick suffered a malady that restricted his arm movements and made him very lethargic, Bobby Fuller refused subsequent rematches.

The match with Jack Hassen was fought in Brisbane, some 1000 miles north of Newcastle and entailed a 24 hour train trip, a trip that was made shortly before the fight, it was Dick's last fight I'm not sure if Jack Hassen was a light weight because he fought Mickey Tollis not long after and memory tells me our cousin Mickey was a division up. Mickey was fresh, fit and won the bout.

For many years, prior to his marriage to Dorothy Mitchell, whose brothers were also boxers, he lived in Cowper Street Georgetown with his immediate family. Cowper Street was a little Street, about 18 houses, however residing in Cowper Street were,

Randle Ellis Graham (Dick Ellis), Tommy Chapman (who used his own name), Robin Hector (Paddy Slavin (Bobby Hector)), The Hanlon Brothers (George, Donney, one other), ? Hargreaves (fighting name unknown)