Donald Curry vs. Colin Jones

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Donald Curry (right) vs. Colin Jones
Colin Jones weeps in a neutral corner after the fight is stopped.

1985-01-19 : Donald Curry 147 lbs beat Colin Jones 146 lbs by TKO at 0:36 in round 4 of 15


  • Curry's purse was $375,000 and Jones' was $115,000.
  • There was a sellout crowd of 11,500.
  • This was the first million pound gate in British boxing history.
  • This was the first world title bout in Birmingham, England.
  • ABC Wide World of Sports televised the fight in the United States.

From Sports Illustrated:

For the first two rounds, Curry bemused Jones with a hard, snapping jab. At odd moments, he tested his hook, his right cross and his uppercut, but they were single shots. Gorman and Reyes wanted him to get his timing in order before trying combinations.

After the second round, while Jones's corner was trying to stanch a nosebleed, Curry was told to open up with his combinations. "Let's stop all that singing," said Gorman.

During the second round Curry had twice forced Jones back against the ropes. He hadn't expected it to be that easy. In the third, he fired a three-punch combination to the head, a right to the body, two more punches to the head—and the fight turned very red. Jones had a deep rip across the bridge of his nose, just above the hump.

"I ripped his nose open with a left uppercut," said Curry. "Then I used my jab to open it wider."

As blood gushed from their man, there was consternation in Jones's corner. Finally, manager Eddie Thomas said, "Take him out or we're going home."

Jones tried, but he ran into a flurry of perfectly placed punches. Just 36 seconds into the fourth round, after a consultation with the two ring doctors, referee Ismael Wiso stopped the fight, and Jones, who knew it was his last shot at a title, wept openly.

Then the beer came, mostly because many of the fans were unaware of the wicked ditch that had been sliced across Jones's nose and thought their man had been disqualified, for reasons not apparent to them.

After sprinting for his dressing quarters, Curry sat down and laughed. "You know," he said, "just getting back here through all that mess was more tiring than the fight." [1]