Dr. B. F. Roller

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Name: Dr B F Roller
Alias: Benjamin Franklin Roller
Birthplace: Illinois, USA
Hometown: Seattle, Washington, USA
Boxing Record: click

Managers: Joe Carroll; Jack Curley [1]
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Dr. B. F. Roller was a well-known Seattle physician and professional wrestler of his day. He traveled throughout the United States engaging in wrestling matches. He wrestled Victor McLaglen in 1908 immediately before McLaglen decided to become a boxer. (Reports of Roller's wrestling exploits were mentioned in many Tacoma papers throughout the years. For example, he was wrestling in Richmond, VA, per the Oct. 26, 1909 Tacoma Daily Ledger; and at Montreal, QC, Nov. 19, 1914 Tacoma Daily News.)

Roller was also an ex-football player, per the July 30, 1909 Tacoma Daily News.

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