Duilio Spagnolo

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Duilio Spagnolo

Name: Duilio Spagnolo
Birth Name: Duilio Bertolo
Born: 1922-11-14
Birthplace: Vicenza, Veneto, Italy
Died: 2005-04-15 (Age:82)
Hometown: USA
Boxing Record: click

Duilio's first wife died tragically. She was 26 when they got married and they had 3 children together. His second marriage was to Helen Bertolo who still lives in Cape Coral, FL. Duilios father's surmane was actually "Bertolo" but he died when Duilio was very young( 5 years old). Dulio remembered walking into the room and feeling his dads cold hand and running downstairs. Duilio lived with his mother until she got married to Stephano Spagnolo. As a young teen his step father saw a lot of potential talent in him and got Duilio involved in the local boxing scene in Milan, Italy. They had a very close relationship like father and son and Duilio fought under his last name and excelled at boxing and was invited to the first Olympic team to travel to Germany which other nations at that time had boycotted. After returning victorious the team were met by Benito Mussolini on a national podium with an award. Afterwards he began his professional boxing career. He gave up the Italian heavy weight title to move to the US. After his boxing career he moved to Cape Coral Florida, Bought a house, and for the most part retired from professional boxing.