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The European Boxing Union (also popularly known to boxing fans as EBU) is an organization that oversees competition in that sport over the continent of Europe. EBU is affiliated organization of World Boxing Council


The EBU started life as the (IBU) International Boxing Union in Paris in 1910. The IBU became the EBU in 1946.

During most of the 20th century, and, specially, during that era's first decades, the EBU recognized many world title fights. The European Boxing Union competed against the American based National Boxing Association (NBA), which staged the more widely recognized world title fights.

The European Boxing Union went through a period of economical difficulties during World War II. Because one of the organization's most important rules is that every fighter that fights for an EBU title must be a national and a resident of a European country, and all fights must be held in Europe, it became very hard, if not almost impossible, for the European Boxing Union to stage fights. As a consequence, the European Boxing Union suffered financial difficulties during this period.

On April 28, 1951, German, the Saar and Turkey were admitted to the Union.

In 1963, the National Boxing Association became the World Boxing Association (WBA). Also in 1963, the WBC was formed from a group of WBA members that disagreed with the WBA's policies, and, with two other organizations competing to attract boxers, the EBU's personnel ultimately decided to recognize regional title bouts instead.

Weight Class Champion Date Won
Heavyweight Erkan Teper July 17, 2015
Cruiserweight Vacant
Light Heavyweight Igor Mikhalkin April 11, 2014
Super Middleweight Hadillah Mohoumadi May 25, 2015
Middleweight Michel Soro June 20, 2015
Light Middleweight Cedric Vitu June 13, 2015
Welterweight Gianluca Branco November 22, 2014
Light Welterweight Vacant
Lightweight Edis Tatli April 25, 2015
Super Featherweight Romain Jacob February 14, 2014
Featherweight Vacant
Super Bantamweight Gavin McDonnell March 28, 2015
Bantamweight Ryan Farrag October 30, 2015
Flyweight Thomas Masson September 12, 2015