Eddie Muller

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World Boxing Hall of Fame Inductee

Eddie Muller (image), born in the Mission District of San Francisco, served as a boxing columnist for the San Francisco Examiner for nearly fifty years, after having begun his career at the newspaper as a copy boy in February 1924. He was a "key figure" in the establishment of San Francisco's annual Golden Gloves competition. In addition to writing his column "Shadow Boxing," Muller was the author of several books about fighting, including "Boxing Gems" and "Photo Gallery of Boxing Greats." He retired from the Examiner in 1976. (All according to the Dec. 4, 1982 San Francisco Chronicle, which also reported that Muller had died of a heart attack at age 75.)

His son, who has the same name as his father, is a professional film critic and the author of two novels (The Distance and Shadow Boxer) set in the San Francisco Bay area during the 1940s and featuring a protagonist, modeled after his father, who makes his living as a boxing writer.

Inducted into the World Boxing Hall of Fame, "Expanded Category" (Writers & Historians & Photo Journalists), in 1981.