Eder Jofre vs. Jose Medel (2nd meeting)

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1962-09-11 : Eder Jofre 117¾ lbs beat Joe Medel 117¼ lbs by KO at 1:11 in round 6 of 15

  • Location: Ginásio Estadual do Ibirapuera, Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Referee: Joaquin Arvas

The 26-year-old tile holder was a 3-1 favorite and proved the odds were reasonable by the manner in which he handled his opponent who had fought ten fights without a loss since his last meeting with Jofre. Medel started off well but it didn't take long for Jofre to find the range and pepper his man almost at will. The first two rounds were rather dull as each fighter was feeling his way, but occasional spurts kept the fans on edge. But beginning the fourth round, Jofre having warmed up, started taking the play away from his opponent and thereafter it was all his way. He jabbed, hooked, cleverly avoided blows aimed at him, and landed many punches that hurt Medel. His attack was vicious and the speed with which he tossed blows, bewildered the Mexican challenger. After the fourth round it was merely a question how much longer the Mexican could stand the gaff. He was floored twice, once just before the bell sounded ending the fifth round and again in the sixth after he was dropped again and counted out in 1:30 of that frame. A right to the chin ended the fight. Jofre proved again he is one of the world's outstanding champions.