Emilio Magana

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Name: Emilio Magana
Birth Name: Emilio L. Magana
Born: 1917-11-28
Birthplace: Arizona, USA
Died: 1993-08-06 (Age:75)
Hometown: Los Angeles, California, USA
Boxing Record: click

Managers: George Parnassus, Charles (Bud) Taylor
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According to veteran California boxing historian Hap Navarro, even as a high school kid, Emilio Magana "showed a whale of promise. He had poise and boxing skills, but might have been rushed a bit because he did not stay in the prelims very long and was into main bouts very quickly. If memory serves he was managed by Gus Wilson at the start, right out of Belmont (?) High School in LA. A popular card at the Hollywood Legion Stadium in the days of a passel of promising kids such as Frankie Castillo, Bobby Leyvas, Toby Vigil, Eddie Marcus and Richie Lemos."