Erik Morales vs. John Lowey

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1997-12-12 : Erik Morales 120½ lbs beat John Lowey 119 lbs by RTD at 3:00 in round 7 of 12


  • After a series of close opening rounds, Morales began to figure out the awkwardly effective Lowey with his combination punching.
  • Round 3, Morales was cut in the left eye brow in from a headbutt, as per WBC rules, Lowey lost a point.
  • Round 5, Morales cut over the right eye from a headbutt, Referee Cole deducted another point from Lowey for being too reckless with his head.
  • Round 7, after using his right hand sparingly Lowey's corner stopped the fight at the end of the round, citing an injury.
  • The stoppage was announced as a "broken right hand" by the ring announcer.
  • Lowey suffered a mouse under his right eye and an a abrasion over his left.
  • ESPN reported the blows through round six as Morales 116/324 36%, Lowey 78/307 25%.