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Esteban De Jesus vs. Ray Lampkin (2nd meeting)

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1973-07-14 : Esteban De Jesus 135 lbs beat Ray Lampkin 133¾ lbs by UD in round 12 of 12

  • NABF Lightweight Title (1st defense of De Jesus)


  • "Esteban DeJesus, using aggressiveness and superior punching power, pounded his way to a unanimous 12 round decision over Ray Lampkin at the Felt Forum. Lampkin, using a quick left jab mixed with an occasional right uppercut, appeared to have a slight edge ater the first four rounds. But then DeJesus began coming on, brushing off Lampkin's punches and landing some solid shots to both the body and head. Lampkin made DeJesus miss often but when the Puerto Rican landed, he landed solidly. There were no knockdowns but DeJesus shook Lampkin in the final minute of the last round with a flurry to the head followed by a short right to the chin that made Lampkin hold." -Associated Press
  • Unofficial AP scorecard - 8-3-1 DeJesus
  • This fight was sanctioned by the NYSAC as for the American Lightweight title.

Preceded by:
De Jesus vs. Lampkin I
NABF Lightweight Title Fight
# 4
Succeeded by:
Lampkin vs. Alfaro III

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