Eugene Brosseau vs. Mike McTigue

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1920-04-08 : Mike McTigue beat Eugene Brosseau by KO in round 5 of 15

  • Location: Armouries, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Referee: Tom Foley
  • Canadian Middleweight Title (1st defense of Brosseau)


  • According to the April 9, 1920 edition of the New York Times, "McTigue cornered his opponent, and, after scoring several straight lefts to the face, sent him down for the full count with a short right cross."
  • The end came when McTigue worked Brosseau into a corner then landed a terrific short right to the chin that put Brosseau out cold. Although their specific roles are not laid out in detail, several prominent Great War Veterans Association members were responsible for staging this bout: George R. McLeod (Vice President), J.F. Downes (Secretary), Tom Martin (Sec. of GWVA athl. club and local boxing judge) according to the April 9, 1920 edition of the Halifax Herald.

Preceded by:
Brosseau vs. MacDonald
Canadian Middleweight Title Fight
# 12
Succeeded by:
McTigue vs. Eagan II

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