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Fernando "Fumaça" from Brazil
Fernando Ferreira da Silva "Fumaça"

Name: Fernando Ferreira da Silva
Alias: Fumaça
Born: 1978-06-04 (Age:36)
Birthplace: Salvador, Bahia, Brazil
Hometown: Frankfurt, Hessen, Germany
Stance: Orthodox
Boxing Record: click

Fernando "Fumaça" , "Pedrao" and Mike Miranda

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Managers: Jean Coimbra
Managers: Mike Miranda Jr - (e-mail: mikemirandajr@live.com) Mike Miranda Jr Oficial Manager in BoxRec
Promoter: Mike Miranda - (e-mail: mikemiranda@hotmail.com.br)
Trainer: Henrique Stella
Ex-Trainer: Jaime Sodre De Franca
Company name: Mike Promotion Boxing



Fernando Ferreira da Silva, born 04/06/1978, Salvador, Bahia, in northeastern Amaralina, where he began his studies at school Pedro Tenorio de Albuquerque.

At 8 years old, Fernando Smoke already attended the hillsides and beaches of Pelourinho in Salvador, where he helped his mother selling cheese and roasted peanuts.

However, Fernando Smoke, always leaving to help his mother, was faced with the "Galera Boqueirao" which gave him a beating.

After much catching Smoke received an invitation to practice boxing at a gym near his home, which would serve as a defense against that group of bullies.

The call was denied the first time. Smoke returned to the streets of Pelourinho, as needed to help his mother and his home, however, continued to take that class.

Later he received the second call, a man named Bishop Gilvan, academia, then in the company of his friends, began frequntar workouts on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

After a series of drills Smoke noticed the changes that the sport was doing in his life and together with his coach Gilvan, started participating in championships between neighborhoods in Salvador. Smoke surprised everyone when won all the championships played.

Smoke began to be evident in Bahia, then smoke was invited by the Federation to fight and compete for championships Bahia Bahia. The growth of smoke caused his team to grow the academy together, accompanying smoke in their new conquests. Smoke was a finalist in 12 championships, and vice champion in September on three occasions.

The struggles have not stopped, competed in the Open Championship Game, where he also was a champion, fought for the State Team SCS for over two years and then fought for the Brazilian team in the company of none other than the Hinterland Valdemir Pereira, former World Champion.

After several battles, Fernando Smoke struggled against his biggest challenge so far, a serious injury in his left shoulder the downgrade of a major tournament.

Smokey did not give up so easily, played championship for 5 years, fighting using only the right arm punches, has even become a professional champion and Baiano, fighting with one hand and the nickname stump.

Even more recently given the title of Revelation Boxing Bahia, Brazil to participate in the Sidebar with Acelino Freitas Popo.

And this story does not end here, Fernando Smoke is one of the largest pujilistas of Brazil and continues fighting and winning major championships worldwide.

Titles Held Professional

Fernando Ferreira.jpg
Date Titles Held Professional No. Defenses Title
2013 WBA Fedelatin welterweight title
2011 IAL Inter-American Latino light welterweight title
2011 WBC Mundo Hispano Inter-Continental light welterweight title
2010 WBO Latino lightweight title
2008 WBC Mundo Hispano lightweight title
2007 Sao Paulo State Super Featherweight Title
2006 Brazilian super featherweight title
2006 Minas Gerais State Super Featherweight Title
2005 Bahia State Super Featherweight Title

Amateur Career

Fernando Ferreira da Silva.565.jpg

Record Amateur

  • 119 fight
  • 06 Lost
  • 01 NC
  • 02 drawn
  • 110 Won

12-time champion Bahia
03-time Vice-champion Bahia

External Link

Fernando Ferreira da Silva Official Website

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