Tony DeMarco vs. George Araujo

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1954-07-12 : Tony DeMarco 142½ lbs beat George Araujo 138 lbs by TKO at 0:58 in round 5 of 10

  • Location: Fenway Park, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
  • Referee: Eddie Curley

DeMarco knocked down Araujo in the 1st round with a right hand. Araujo used his jab effectively in rounds two through four. In the 5th round, Araujo was floored by a right hand, for a four-count. Araujo took a bad beating, upon rising, and the bout was stopped.

Source: Boston Herald

  • As this bout was a welterweight against a lightweight, DeMarco was contractually obligated to enter the ring at 142 1/2 or less.

Post fight comments

  • "Tony is supposed to undergo an operation for the removal of scar tissue near both eyes. However, he made such a good showing we'll forego the operation and aim for a shot at Vince Martinez. We hope to have a DeMarco - Martinez outdoor fight in Boston by late August." -Rip Valenti, DeMarco's manager.
  • "Araujo surprised me by coming back so strong in the 2nd round after I floored him in the 1st. I thought I was going to take him in the 2nd, but I got too anxious." -Tony DeMarco
  • "I've got a reputaion of being a sucker for a right hand lead and that's how DeMarco beat me. I don't want to say right now whether I'll quit, but I admit I'm thinking about it." -George Araujo