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2010-09-01 : Dmitriy Salita 149½ lbs beat Franklin Gonzalez 149 lbs by UD in round 8 of 8

In the main event of an eight bout card held in the Russian area of Brighton Beach Brooklyn, New York, Dmitriy Salita of Brooklyn made a comeback with an eight round unanimous decision win over southpaw veteran Franklin Gonzalez of New York City in a bar far closer than the scoring indicated. In his first bout since losing to Amir Khan in 2009. Salita, in the orthodox stance, won the first two rounds of this bout by getting his front left foot on the outside of Gonzalez right foot and landing single overhand rights that scored, and Gonzalez missing a lot. Gonzales won rounds three and four by getting his front right foot outside of Salita's left, and landing right hands which put a welt under Salita's left eye. Salita kept stepping on the front foot of Gonzalez as the boxers battled for foot position. The bout appeared to turn in rounds five and six, when Gonzalez was warned in both rounds by referee Benjy Esteves Jr. for hitting behind the head. Round five appeared to be for Gonzalez, but the round was close with both combatants trading overhand lefts and rights in center ring. Salita corrected his sloppy footwork and this advantage enabled him to win rounds six and seven with jab combinations and straight rights to the head. The eighth round appeared even, with both boxers wrestling, grabbing, and clinching in a round more worthy of an MMA mixed martial arts type bout, forcing referee Benjy Esteves Jr. to spend the entire round separating both fighters. After the bout ended, in an interesting development, former champion Paul Malignaggi entered the ring, congratulated Salita, and challenged Salita to a bout in New York City. Both fighters took the microphone and stated their desire to make the bout happen, with both Salita and Malignaggi having strong following in the New York City area. While the pro-Salita crowd cheered for Salita for all eight rounds during this bout, it should be noted that 31-1-1 Salita's bout with Gonzalez was nonetheless extremely close, and Gonzalez appeared of equal ability. Some observers at ringside felt Gonzalez was the winner of the bout. In any case, Gonzalez appeared a far better fighter than his 13-6 record indicated, tried to cut off the ring, put pressure on Salita and gave him all he could handle. Salita, whose normal weight is 140-146, fought this bout at a career high 149 1/2 pounds as a junior middleweight. Both combatants in top condition.