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Junior welterweights Terence Buterbaugh and Gabriel Bracero in the ring at BB King Blues Club & Grill in New York City, Wednesday, October 6, 2010
Gabriel 'Tito' Bracero Win 8 Terry Buterbaugh. The referee is Steve Willis. Trainer Tommy Gallagher is at center, promoter Lou DiBella behind the referee

2010-10-06 : Gabriel Bracero 141 lbs beat Terry Buterbaugh 140¼ lbs by UD in round 8 of 8

In the main event of an eight bout card show by Lou DiBella Entertainment at BB King Blues Club & Grill in Manhattan, Wednesday, October 6, 2010, a standing room only capacity crowd watched junior welterweight Gabriel Bracero (also known as Tito Bracero) win a unanimous eight round decision over Terry Buterbaugh noteworthy for a mouthpiece point deduction against Bracero by referee Steve Willis in round four. According to Bracero's strength and conditioning coach John Schaeffer (better known as the trainer of Olympian Apollo Ohno), "Bracero was supposed to be wearing his custom BP and M fitted mouthpiece. He couldn't have been wearing it." Bracero's mouthpiece appeared to have come out due to a legitimate punch by Buterbaugh to Bracero's jaw during a heated exchange. Late in the fourth round, Bracero's mouthpiece came out a second time in the round from a Buterbaugh punch. The bout was very clean from pillar to post, with almost no holding whatsoever. Since Bracero won every round on all three judge's scorecards, it appeared referee Willis was being very fair. Bracero won the first two rounds, but the bout was far closer than the scoring indicated in rounds three through eight. Bracero, now 12-0, 1 kayo, Brooklyn, New York, won the first round by landing a lot of overhand rights. Buterbaugh, now 6-4-1 with 3 kayos, Denver, Colorado, hung tough and weathered the storm. In the second round, both fighters were warned for leaning with their heads. Buterbaugh went into center ring to wage a technical fight with Bracero. Bracero landed numerous right-left combination power shots to the head. Buterbaugh opted to slug it out. Bracero was more accurate in the exchanges with his punches. He landed more blows by volume during the bout. Bracero was slapping punches instead of turning them. Buterbaugh, who decisioned Tommy Rainone on the undercard of Miguel Cotto versus Yuri Foreman at Yankee Stadium in June 2010, appeared not bothered by the pressure of the main event or the reputation of his opponent. In round three, Buterbaugh, in center ring, now realized Bracero was slapping punches instead of turning them and lacked the power or punching skill to take him out. Buterbaugh's strategy from that point onward in the bout was to come forward as the aggressor and wage a deliberate toe to toe war with Bracero. This forced Tito Bracero to spend the rest of the bout busier, moving side to side as the counterpuncher.

In the fourth, Buterbaugh, with a shiner below his right eye, taunted Bracero with his hands down. The round was long, with cautious counter punching in center ring in the second half of the round (when in the last minute of the fourth, Bracero's poorly fitted mouthpiece came out twice during heated exchanges). In the fifth, Buterbaugh continued to wage a center of the ring war, and got warned for holding Bracero behind the head. Bracero landed an overhand right which sent Buterbaugh bouncing off the ropes. Bracero continued moving side to side with consistent counterpunching. In the sixth, Buterbaugh continued trying to walk Bracero down, with Bracero landing counter lefts and overhand rights. Buterbaugh changed gears, and tried to get inside with right hooks to the body. Bracero went sliding across the ring after slipping on water in his own corner. Buterbaugh went head hunting, looking for a knockout as he had already lost the bout on the scorecards. Bracero held a low left at times, which a keen Buterbaugh tried to capitalize on with some success. In the seventh and eighth rounds, Bracero now had a shiner around his left eye, and was bleeding from a cut below the left eye which did not affect his vision. Buterbaugh continued as the stalker. A nonstop action bout. Buterbaugh had only one man in his corner, but listened and gave a good accounting of himself. If Bracero had turned his punches as in his previous bout with Raymond Betancourt, this would have been an easier bout. Good matchup by promoter Lou DiBella.