Wilfred Benitez vs. Mustafa Hamsho

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1983-07-16 : Wilfred Benitez 157¾ lbs lost to Mustafa Hamsho 158 lbs by UD in round 12 of 12

  • Unofficial AP scorecard: 119-111 Hamsho

"Benitez was thoroughly dominated Saturday by Hamsho, the World Boxing Council's top-ranked challenger, who used his strength and brawling style to pin Benitez in his corner through much of the bout in taking a unanimous 12-round decision. From the opening bell, when Hamsho backed Benitez into his corner, he dominated the fight, throwing punches from every direction while Benitez answered with only weak counterpunches that had little effect on Hamsho....Benitez had fought only once before as a middleweight, winning a lackluster 10-round decision over a mismatched Tony Cerda in May....Neither fighter seemed seriously hurt during the bout, although Benitez appeared stunned in the third round when he was pushed or wrestled to the canvas four times. Referee Davey Pearl ruled no knockdowns and warned Hamsho to stop pulling and pushing Benitez. Hamsho, 157¾, ran his record to 37-2-2, while Benitez, 157¾, fell to 44-3-1. Hamsho received $200,000 and Benitez $150,000 for the fight."

The Associated Press - July 18, 1983