Hector Camacho vs. Edwin Rosario

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Rosario throws a right at Camacho

1986-06-13 : Hector Camacho 135 lbs beat Edwin Rosario 134 lbs by SD in round 12 of 12


Not having fought since December, the unbeaten champion (now 30-0) never truly got untracked. He split the first four rounds with Rosario, but early in the fifth, Rosario, who had scored 19 knockouts in a 23-1 career, caught Camacho pulling away from a right hand and rocked him with a left hook. "I wanted him to throw that hand so I could counter," Camacho said. "But my timing was off and he got cute. I'd block one and he'd come again. Pow! I thought, Oh, Lord. Pow! Pow! How do I stop this? So I say, Take him to the ropes and let him calm down." Barely surviving the fifth, Camacho showed that there's more to this macho business than just talk. He came back to win the next five rounds with quick feet and a jab. Then, just as the champion was winning the 11th round easily, another Rosario hook caught him. Again Camacho weathered it. ("He didn't have no killer instinct," said Camacho.) But the champion didn't have much of anything left himself for the 12th and final round, which Rosario took handily.
  • After the fight, Camacho said: "If I fight him again, I want a million dollars. If I'm gonna come out looking like a Cabbage Patch doll, I want to get paid for it."
  • Many believe the fight with Rosario changed Camacho. Wallace Matthews of ESPNNewYork.com wrote, "Camacho was never the same fighter. He still boxed like an angel, but when the going got rough, he ran like the devil. He took no chances. And unless he was absolutely sure that his opponent had been declawed, he rarely went in for the knockout."