Jose Napoles vs. Curtis Cokes (1st meeting)

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1969-04-18 : Jose Napoles 143 lbs beat Curtis Cokes 145½ lbs by RTD in round 13 of 15

"Cuban refugee Jose Napoles waited five years for his title shot and when he got it, the fight proved no contest as he hammered Curtis Cokes into submission after 13 rounds for the welterweight crown. With his eyes swollen, Cokes simply couldn't see to continue fighting and although the boxer wanted to go on, manager Doug Lord asked the bout at the Forum Friday night be halted. Cokes had two inches in reach but that didn't help. Napoles kept boring in with his relentless attack." -Associated Press

  • Napoles' manager, Cuco Conde stated he agreed to give Cokes a rematch with venue to be determined.
  • Attendance - 15,878
  • Gate - $195,480 (new California indoor record, surpassing the $193,000 from the Lionel Rose-Chucho Castillo card)
  • Purses - Cokes - $80,000, Napoles - $20,000

Post fight comments

  • "I knew about the 10th round when he didn't like those left hooks to the body that I was winning. I followed our plan of keeping Cokes in the center of the ring and not let him fight off the ropes." -Jose Napoles
  • "I just couldn't get off, I just couldn't get started. Yes, I'd like a rematch." -Curtis Cokes
  • "You'll see a different Curtis Cokes in a rematch. If you don't, I'll retire him." -Doug Lord, Cokes' manager