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Jack Sharkey vs. Homer Smith (2nd meeting)

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1926-12-15 : Jack Sharkey 188½ lbs beat Homer Smith 189 lbs by TKO in round 7 of 10

"Jack Sharkey of Boston, kept in training for the match he hopes to obtain with world champion Gene Tunney, by pounding Homer Smith of kalamazoo, Michigan, for seven rounds last night. Sharkey today was credited with a TKO over Smith, who was severely beaten in the first six rounds and quit in the 7th. In the first round, Smith took a right hand clout on the head while he was on one knee after being knocked down. Referee Jack Michaels at first sent Sharkey to his corner, but permitted the fight to go on." -United Press

  • Gate - $13,000
  • George Lawrence, the manager of Smith, lodged a protest with the State Athletic Commission claiming Smith was fouled in the first round while down and that the stoppage was premature.
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