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1921 Rulebook

History of French Boxing Legislation, Rules & Regulations


  • 1903: The French Federation of Boxing Clubs is organized.
  • 1907-11-16: Boxing is "gaining a foothold in Paris," which is staging weekly six-round bouts. Boxers wear 6-ounce gloves. The referees are usually English and officiate from outside the ring in the English style. [1]
  • 1919-January: According to newspaper wire reports, boxing was illegal in Paris at this time. The only place where it was permitted was the National Sporting Club in Paris, and for members only. January 19, 1919 Everett Daily Herald (Everett, WA, USA)
  • 1924-01-19: The French practice of cheek kisses at the conclusion of bouts is abolished by the French Boxing Federation. Wenatchee Daily World (Wenatchee, WA, USA) wire report
  • 1951-02-02: French Sports Director Jean Borotra selects the following new members of the French Boxing Commission: Andre Routis, Maurice Holtzer, George Papin, Pierre Gandon and Roger Dorgueille. New York Times