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Francisco Sierra vs. Don George

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2010-07-30 : Francisco Sierra 171 lbs beat Don George 167½ lbs by TD in round 7 of 10


  • Title had been vacated by Marcus Johnson in June 2010.
  • Notwithstanding his win, Sierra did not capture the title as he came in over the Super Middleweight limit.
  • George down in round 7 with about 30 seconds left in the stanza.
  • Later in the same frame, right around the time the bell rings at the end of the round, George is knocked down a big right hand from Sierra. Sierra is deducted two points and George is given 5 minutes to recover, given that the referee rules that the punch was thrown after the bell.
  • Even after the 5 minutes have lapsed, George is unable to continue. The fight goes to the judge's scorecards in light of the referee's decision that the punch wasn't thrown with intent after the bell.

Preceded by:
Johnson vs. Edwards
NABO Super Middleweight Title Fight
# 23
Succeeded by:
St-Juste vs. Demers

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