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Name: Frank Newton
Alias: Rootin' Tootin'
Born: 1957-00-00
Hometown: Lawton, Oklahoma, USA
Height: 5′ 9″   /   175cm
Boxing Record: click

Manager Pat O'Grady (?-1981), Tex Alexander (circa 1984)

Frank Newton was a Texas Golden Gloves Flyweight champion in 1974.

In a 7-19-84 Daily Oklahoman article Newton was listed as 26. In a 3-15-81 Daily Oklahoma article Newton was said to have "just turned 24". In a 9-7-80 Daily Oklahoman article Newton was listed as 23.

From three articles in the Daily Oklahoman the following;

He was a long time sparring partner and close friend of Sean O'Grady.

He had over 140 amateur fights

He was said to be 17-0-1 before the Roberto Madrid fight (one win more than Boxrec has), Madrid was billed as 13-2. Going into the Victor Cid (Cid was billed as 9-2 which is blatantly false) fight he was billed as 13-0-1 (the same as Boxrec). So perhaps there is a missing fight between the two. The Oklahoman has him at 25-3-2 after the Terrence Ali fight though (same as boxrec) so in all likelihood all of his fights are accounted for now.

He was from Oklahoma City.