Frankie Genovese vs. Gordon Wallace (3rd meeting)

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1937-07-05 : Frankie Genovese 144½ lbs beat Gordon Wallace 147 lbs by SD in round 10 of 10

  • Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Canadian Welterweight Title (1st defense of Genovese)
  • Attendance: 3,900


  • According to the July 7, 1937 edition of the Ottawa Citizen: "It is quite apparent that Gordon Wallace, Vancouver welterweight, was given "the works" up in Toronto on Monday night when two of the three judges decided the home town boy, Frankie Genovese, had beaten him. When the Ontario Athletic Commission agrees Wallace was the victim of a bad decision, he must have been. But the O.A.C. is different than the Quebec Commission when it considered they were wrong."
  • According to The Star: "Frankie had just been decisively outpointed by Gordon Wallace and the general assumption of the 3,900 customers was probably like my own, which was that it was all over but the formality of collecting the secret slips and returning the welter-crown to the Vancouver fighter."
  • The Ontario Athletic Commission held a special meeting to consider the judging of this fight and agreed that the outcome was incorrect. The Commission however declined to reverse the verdict and instead ordered a rematch. That rematch was held a few months later and resulted in a clear win for Genovese (see Frankie Genovese vs. Gordon Wallace (4th meeting)).

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